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High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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How to repair achipped/cracked edge of screen? Edge dented too!

The edge of my 12.9 iPad Pro screen is chipped and slightly cracked. Also the edge is dented. Please help?

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Solução escolhida 2 different things here. The case and the display assembly. The case is often times called a rear cover and is made of aluminum, which makes it very easy to dent. There are many tools out there to pull that dent out, G-Tool being the most popular. Its pretty straight forward.

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I have not heard of way to repair a chipped display assembly. Normally, that is a part that is replaced if damaged. Unfortunately, for a high end device like yours, they are not cheap.

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So you have to decide if that chip is worth $430 to repair. The LCD and digitizer are fused on your iPad, so its not as simple as changing the glass like you did on the old iPads.

If it were me, I'd invest in a case to protect it against future drops. Possibly find one that cone cover up the chip and dent as well?

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Hi Josh! Yes. Took your advice and invested in the best case ever Otter Box! Thank you!


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Use this tool to fix the dented corner!

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I have this problem. As I was just trying to get it out of its case. Pleese help me I would be sooooo grateful.

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Ok so the chipped glass is hard to replace. It can be done but you need a micro soldering station with the ability to separate the glass from the digitizer and some suction cups

The corner is no biggie plenty of corner repair tools that will fix this with a little time and patience

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Where would one get just the glass of they did have microsoldering ? I've only been able to find the digitizer + LCD.


I have no idea what this guy is talking about. Micro soldering has nothing to do with separating the glass and the LCD. I do both screen refurbishing and micro soldering and they two never intersect.

To replace the glass (digitizer), you need:

Hot plate big enough for the iPad. These are not cheap.

Screen separating machine. Freeze or wire. Either way it will be touch with an iPad.

OCA removal machine

OCA/Polarizer laminating machine

Polarizing press


I'm sorry that jamie gave such a bad answer.


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