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Repair information for the Asus VivoBook S551LB laptop. First available on Amazon in July of 2013. Model number: V551LB-DB71T.

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resting to factory sttings

haw can get factory setting for my asus

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If it's not an old model then you have a recovery partition, so with Asus you shut down your computer. After you turn it back on hit the F9 key right after you release the power button.

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Many viruses will damage the recovery partition, and it will still require a password to do the reset in windows 8 and 10. A clean install is always best


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Re-Install windows by getting the correct iso (make sure it is untouched, no crack or piracy) and putting it on a usb with and then boot from that usb by pressing esc repeatedly while booting and selecting it.

Delete all partitions when installing windows and let it create the necessary system partitions again.

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