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Mobile media player with Ayre Acoustics circuit design inside. Micro SD memory expansion, non replaceable battery.

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Where do you send for repair

My boss has a Pono Music Player and wants me to send it for repair, we are in Louisville, KY, is there anywhere local to take it, if not where can it mailed for repair.

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I bought a second Pono player that I have never used.I charge the battery twice with no problems.The third time, I tried to charge the battery that was completely uncharged but it did not charged at all.Everything is dead.when I tried to charge ,the Pono does not even become warm.


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You may send your Pono to a local player repair shop to see if anyone can fix it.

As you can’t contact PonoMusic directly , you should post your concern in the still existing PonoMusic community.

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Pono Music Support sent me the address of Phil Baker ( pbaker at gmail dot com) in answer to a question I had about my Pono. His answer was that it couldn't be repaired, but could be replaced "for $200 plus $30 Fedex shipping to any US address. It would be a new player without the cardboard packaging"

I didn't take them up on that, but it may be of interest to you

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