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The Microsoft Band 2 is a smartwatch, released in 2015 that syncs to your phone in order to track exercise and activities.

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Microsoft Band 2 broken


I bought a Microsoft Band 2 at Best Buy in Portland when I travel in Feb 26th,2016. And 2 month later when I back to China, the strap was broken without any reason. Now I'm travel to Portland again and will stay for 2 weeks. Can I return it for repairing?How about the procedure of returing for repair and when can I get it. And it is not over 1 year, does the repare for free or not? How much does it cost?

Thank you and waiting for your reply urgently.

Best Regards


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Take a proof of purchase. I would contact them now, tell them your story, request that they have a replacement in stock and your expected arrival date. Yes it should be covered under warranty.

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