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Repair guides and support for printers and all-in-one print stations by Kodak.

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Only have color ink no black ink won,t print

Kodak 3-in-1 printer will not print color out of black ink

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Please will someone help me. I need to print some copies.


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Depending on your printer model you may be able to over-ride the "out of ink message" and force it to print. This would depend on your printer mfr and model. You can try the trick of taking out the cartridge and shaking it around and putting it back in the printer (that occasionally will work for a couple pages) Make sure you have "calibration" turned off as this will use ink during it's process. Note that some mfr's will not allow the printer to function if it senses an out of ink condition (I found this more common with ink-jet printers)

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