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HD action camera with touchscreen LCD, released October 5, 2014.

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Should I replace Motherboard?

Hi all,

My camera is not charging or responding to anything, either plugged in into a wall charger or laptop ect.


I believe I damaged the motherboard by charging it with a crap usb charger (output of 5.35V). It smells a bit like burnt electronics and it heats up if I connect it to the power. Even with no battery, the camera does not respond. I have tried other batteries so that is not the issue. I have tried other cables and is not the issue either.

The camera is out or warranty and GoPro support wont even try to look at it :(

The Question:

I believe that the charging circuit/voltage regulator is part of the Motherboard. However, I am afraid that this would not solve my problem (ie. may have damaged other parts of the camera). I am an Electronics Engineer and I am able to replace the board.

Just wondering if someone has done it before or had similar issues??? I do not have a schematic to diagnose the fault so it is a risk if I decide to replace the motherboard and it does not work....

Thanks for taking the time to read this


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Here's the guide on replacing the logic board: GoPro Hero4 Silver Motherboard Replacement

Here's the part: GoPro Hero4 Silver Motherboard

Imagem de GoPro Hero4 Silver Motherboard


GoPro Hero4 Silver Motherboard


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Hi guys,

I have a similar problem. I did purchase a new mobo and followed the replacement guide to no avail. My Silver still won't turn on.

Do you guys have any idea what else could be the problem?

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