Thunderbolt Male to female extension. from MacBook Pro


i am in need of a solution where i could connect my macbook pro to a thunderbolt display which is located about 2-3m away from the macbookpro. in the market there are only M-M thunderbolt cable with data/video transfering. as my understanding i need a M-F adapter in order to work this out. any ideas guy??

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You just need a Thunderbolt extension cable like this one:

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You can use the thunderbolt port on the back of the display and not use the thunderbolt cable that is part of the display.

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Loren's reply is the most correct answer. The Mini-DisplayPort solution does not work because the Thunderbolt cable on the Thunderbolt Display passes data for USB, FireWire and Ethernet as well as Thunderbolt. But you can plug in a male to male Thunderbolt cable into the Thunderbolt port on the Thunderbolt Display. Of course, because there is only one Thunderbolt port on the display, you lose the ability to plug in another Thunderbolt peripheral into the display.

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