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iPhone screen goes black after screen replacement


I just recently replaced my iPhone 5 screen and after doing so the screen did not turn on. I took it into a very dark room and saw that the backlight was still working but nothing seemed to show up on the screen. I have read a few things about it and saw two possible issues that could be happening with it. The first thing I read was too unplug the battery while you replace it so there is no power running through the device to protect against any shorting out of the screen. The second thing I read was some times if you place the plate over the flex cables that can also short out the screen, the solution to this that I read was to put a piece of electrical tape over the flex cables instead of the plate. The two questions I have would be if I unplug the battery would that really help, and I was to put a piece of electrical tape over the flex cables would that really solve the problem, and if I did could I still put the plate onto of it or would that still short out the screen?


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You either damaged the backlight ic components on the board or the circuit going to that by putting the incorrect / too long screw at the bottom two screw holes of the metal plate that goes on top of the plugged in front display ribbon cables.

That won't fix your problem.


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A good approach is to follow ifixit guides slowly and carefully, studying the photos and making sure you reassemble using the right parts in the right places.

I have replaced a couple of iPhone batteries and it is quite do-able, but extremely fiddly and quite easy to get something wrong for example with the small ribbon press connectors.

If you go back and do it again, you may be lucky and find that the screen connection wasn't made well and it may burst back into life. On the other hand, you may have caused some damage along the way, which will need another fix.

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