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Samsung's 5th-generation Android-based Galaxy smartphone was released April 11, 2014. Improvements to the phone include a fingerprint scanner, updated camera, larger display, and water resistance. It is available in four different colors; black, blue, white, and copper.

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What adhesive for components?

When transferring some of the components from an old S5 chassis to a new one, some of the components could do with some extra adhesive to hold them in place properly. Can anyone help with which adhesive to use?

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Well if those are not wanting to stay down, then yeah superglue would also be your only choice at this point. But i would make sure there is nothing in the way that is keeping it from wanting to stay down because i really have not had that problem before. Maybe your frame or motherboard might be a little bent. But just a little super glue would also fix that.

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In all honesty, super glue is the best. You dont need to drain it in super glue, or even along the entire edges. Just on the corners. Have the screen put down and everything then get some type of flat tool, like a small flat head screw driver, dab some super glue on it, then spread the super glue on one corner at a time. Youll want to take your time doing this. By one corner at a time, i mean put the glue on just one corner, then hold that corner of the screen down for 30 seconds to a minute, then do the next corners. This is the most effective way to make the s5 screens stay down the best. Hope it was helpful to you

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Thanks Mo.

How about for the other components? The home button ribbon and the rear camera ribbons don't want to sit back properly so just need a little help. Would you suggest Superglue for those too?

Many thanks


Thanks agaon Mo. Nothing looks bent - perhaps just my paranoia. A couple of flexs wouldn't sit back perfectly, just wanted to be sure superglue wouldn't be a problem. Thanks again


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