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Updated version of the Kindle Fire 7" tablet by Amazon with 1280x800 HD display. Released September 2012. Repairing this device is straightforward.

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What do I need to replace the cracked screen

I dropped my kindle and the glass is cracked, i am still able to play games on it, i use one of the screen saver plastic strip, I would like to replace the glass, I saw that it might be a digitizer to replace instead, Can you tell me what I can do? And where I can get it done, or instructions how to fix it myself?

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Here you go. There is a guide on how to fix this, which also lists the part that you need. Just so you know, I worked on a Kindle yesterday and it can be difficult to get the glass off the plastic assembly. There is a very thick adhesive that you'll need a heat gun or powerful hair dryer to loosen everything up. Glass flies. Be careful.

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