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Released in 2013, this multifunction laptop is a part of the Satellite C50 laptop series. It has a 15.6" display screen and comes with Windows 8.

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Wont connect to wifi in my room

My laptop is pretty messed up.. The screen cracked and now the touch screen feature doesn't work, and i dont know what its called but some metal thingys that I assume is to hold up the screen, came out so the screen now has no support to stand on its own. Also some wires are hanging out from the screen. I feel like that's why wifi isnt working in my room but, it works perfectly fine as soon as i take one step outside of my room like nothing is wrong with it but as soon as i take a step back into my room the signal is completely lost. I use my sisters laptop since mine wont work in my room and her's works fine in my room. Also my phone has good wifi in my room too. Basically basically everything gets wifi in my room except my laptop. Can anyone tell me why this might be happening? If so thanks a lot!!

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there is a kind of antenna behind the screen and there is two wires black and white if they're catted so there is no coverage you must get close to router ...

its easy

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