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12.1 Megapixels, 2.7" LCD screen, Image stabilization, BUILT IN PROJECTOR!

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Could I wire a video input into my CoolPix S1000 pj?

So we got a nice new camera, with projector built in and everything, but it got drowned. Now it takes crappy pictures and the lcd is a little funky. Anyway, the projector still works great. Does anyone think it would be possible to wire a video in into it and make a mini projector capable of up to 40 in pictures? I think this would be awesome, if possible. Any insight? Also would their be a way to make it take good pics again? Thanks - Kidron

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If the unit still projects well from an SD card, I suggest you just use it as a projector and not try to modify it.

If you are very good with small tools and can put things back together, you might try taking it apart and trying to clean up the focus and shutter mechanism, and of course, get the residue off the lens and (carefully) off the CD sensor itself. You probably won't make it much worse, but you could kill the projector part if you make a mistake.

Good luck!


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