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Swapping iPhone 5 logic boards?

So I have two iPhone 5's (not 5s). My old one is a 32gb model, and the new one is a 16gb model. My old one, the battery overheated and no longer works. When I put the new phone's battery in my old phone, it also starts heating up rapidly. I want to back up my old phone and a couple games with game center, but I don't want to risk my new battery getting too hot. So I was wondering if I could swap the logic board from my old iPhone 5 and put it into my new iPhone 5?

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As DC Life Tech said, you can switch the logic boards provided they are the same model ie: both iPhone 5 or both iPhone 5S. It wouldn't do what you are hoping though. The memory is permanently attached to the old board. The new board would have the new memory with it. Hopefully that makes sense.

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In the question you list iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. If you have the same model iPhone say the 5s, you would not have any issues doing a swap on those motherboard. But you can't take a motherboard from a iPhone 5s and put it in a iPhone 5, the internal parts are totally different.

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it says 5's, not 5s.


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