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After replacing battery, ear speaker volume very low.

After replacing the battery, the volume from the front top ear speaker is very low. Is there a setting for this volume? If not, any suggestions why this may be so? Thanks.

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While in a call, press the volume up button. It will show the volume on the screen and adjust it, just like with the normal loud speaker. If that doesn't work, try taking it apart again and cleanup the connections for the earpiece speaker, including; the contacts under the speaker, and the flex ribbon cable on the logic board.

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Thanks for the reply. I had tried the vol buttons but no change. On opening the phone again, I noticed that the speaker had a slight dent in it and it is pushed slightly forward in the plastic housing. When I first re assembled the phone after replacing the battery, I could not get the screen to sit flat. On opening, I noticed that a screw was lying loose in the case. The only place for it was in the speaker cover so replaced and moved on. I believe now that the screw finished up under the speaker when I disturbed everything and has now damaged the speaker, so it looks like a new speaker is required. Ah well.


I'm glad you found the problem! Good reasoning!


Thnx. Replacement speaker arrived today, installed it and now everything ok.


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