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The Sony PlayStation 3 Move is a wireless controller that works in 3D space. The Move is paired with a PlayStation Eye Camera to bring the game to life for the player. Repair is straightforward and requires common screwdrivers and prying tools. Motion Controller Model Number: CECH-ZCM1U. Eye Camera Model Number: SLEH-0048.

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sphere colour, dosent change colour

The sphere on my motion controller dosent change colour?

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can you elaborate on your problem....when does it not change color? things like that


The Playstation Move controller is controlled by PS3 and will change color when the game requests it. It usually changes color during calibration, to ensure there's a strong contrast against room background. Some games initiate color cycling to emphasize gameplay moments (like victory or spell casting).


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From our PlayStation Move Teardown: "The sphere on the motion controller lights up different colors to differentiate between different players, and can change colors mid-game, creating another source of user feedback. The color of the orb also changes in response to its environment, ensuring optimal visibility and detection by the PlayStation Eye."

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