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Small rectangular magnet: not in procedure

I followed these instructions to replace hard drive in an iBook G4 Late 2004. Upon finishing, I found a small, stray magnet about 3/4" x 1/4" on the work surface. I know it must have come from the interior of the iBook but it's not mentioned anywhere.

IBook now starts to power on, but fails to boot, even from an external FireWire drive with a copy of the original disk.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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Found the answer. Apparently this magnet sits near the optical drive and acts as an activator for sleep function.

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Now that you have your answer please accept it to allow closing the question. Thank you +


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Although tjod is correct about the magnet it has nothing to do with your Book not starting. Your new hard drive needs to formatted and a system installed on it. Use Disk Utilities on your installation disk to format.

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Thanks for catching that -- read the question to quickly and thought he had completed the repair. +


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