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A 7" tablet with a Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system.

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Why won't my tablet hook up to my computer though USB?

I've been trying to hook up my tablet to my computer though a USB chord and it won't even charge let alone be recognized by the computer, it used to hook up before but recently it hasn't been.

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@kareen2016 to charge your tablet you will have to use the AC adapter, not the USB cable. If your tablet does not connect to your computer with a charged battery, check your settings first.

To change your tablet’s USB connection options, you should go to Settings >DEVICE > Storage, and tap Menu icon at the upper right corner. Then tap USB computer connection to enter to setup.

If it still does not connect, try a different cable as well as a different USB port on your computer. Should this still fail, you will have to disassemble it using this guide. check the USB post to make sure that it is still properly attached to the motherboard. If it is, repalce it with a new one. If it is not, solder it back on. Remember to charge your battery first. The tablet will not get recognized with an empty battery.

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