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A home audio speaker for iPod by Bowers and Wilkins introduced in 2007.

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The unit is unresponsive to anything. i.e. the red light flashes

constantly. Been diagnosed that I need to replace mother board. Where do I get one and how do I do that?

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I have the same problem so it was taken to JVP B&W repairer in Marickville in Sydney but after 4.? month of inspection I was advised ‘mother board’ is no longer available. They charged me $80 inspection fee.


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Hi Chris,

I had a unresponsive zeppelin and it said unfinished firmware update when connected to the laptop. I disassembled it and replaced three defective capacitors (the tops bulged). Capacitors are easily found on the internet or local electronics shop.

follow one of the guides here. Be careful when (de)soldering.


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I have same problem. the light does not turn green during updating and the set up remains unfinished. The 3 Capacitors are in good condition. Any help would be appreciated.


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