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The OnePlus X smartphone was released in November 2015 by OnePlus. It is identifiable by model number E1005

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Phone not turning on

My Phone got wet in the rain and after that its not turning on, It vibrated until the battery got finished without any display.

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Same problem. Now mine wont turn on, although some times if I put at charging its led will glow up. Nothing happens in phone on pressing power button down.


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Yeah, my phone too had same symptoms...gave it for repair.Those guys vacuumed all the moisture but cudnt be fixed. After that didn't proceed with the costly repair process. Was costing more that the phone cost.

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Yesh :( same here . 11k INR for motherboard change. Seeking a new one now.


Same, moisture got condensed in it. The mistake I made was I tried to turn it on when I realized it was off. And then dad put if for charging before it could dry off


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