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The Ambient Weather Observer (model number: WS-1001-WIFI) is a wireless, remote monitoring weather station released in 2015.

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Do I need the monitor plugged to my home electricity?

I was wondering if there is other way to use the monitor on batteries?

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If you provide DC power from a different source it will work but will void the warranty you have on the device as you aren't using the factory supplied adaptor.

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What voltage?


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Here's a link to the manual which will give you all of the details on what is required: Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi OBSERVER Solar Powered Wireless WiFi Weather Station User Manual

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@lisasipes Lisa - why the down vote on this answer?


1. That manual is linked on the device page. 2. The manual doesn't give the information on this question, and telling someone to read the manual, isn't helpful at all.


@lisasipes Most people dont recognize that the manuals may be linked so most members will point that out if manuals were not of any help why do so many of use look for them ask oldturkey03 how important manuals are . Let me guess when you build something you throw out the instructions and try to wing it on your own . Your a student here dont disrespect those who are here all the time. Who's rep speaks for itself


@lisasipes - Liza I've held my tongue here as I'm no expert on the unit. But the way the question was asked the OP could have been asking about either the mast or the base unit. Which is why I posted the manual as I suspected he didn't bother to read it as it does clearly state the units need batteries and did not have any means to connect an alternate power unit. I was hoping the OP would have clarified what he wanted in a followup reply.

I suspect you're the type of person that expects answers to always be absolute without any deviation, often they aren't, this is where one needs to dig a bit to get to the core issue. While our society is into 30 sound bites real answers aren't.

As to the down vote its generally used when someone has completely missed the mark. I don't think I did, besides I did make the effort to locate the manual.

That is why Mayer and the others I suspect are a bit Pi##'ed off. They see the quality of my answers so they don't understand the reason you did it.

Take the time to review my answers as well as Mayer's note the length of time we've been at this as well as the amount of work we've put in. Can you say the same?


As to altering the product description you also assumed the base was the focus which is why I created the mast product page as the original posting was clearly the mast unit and this persons posting was within that Q until I created the new second post. Sometimes you need to read the post a few times before altering things as you did and also knocked me on the other as well.

I also find it strange both postings were answered by you and within a short window both accepted.

If you put in the effort in doing the research and write a good answer then I have no issue who posts it. In fact I want more people! Not less!

Lastly, there is no Nice little boy's club here. All you're seeing is a bunch of old farts who have been around a while so they have the knowledge & time to answer.

So play nice! And do post your answers! But, don't down grade people unless they are way off and I do mean way, way off! Instead educate them on why their off so they learn too!

Remember the saying: Honey will get you further than Vinegar!


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