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Battery replacement on a mid-2012 MacBookAir

So I pay an authorized Apple repair man to replace my battery from iFixit for a mid-2012 MacBookAir. We install it, power up the laptop and the first thing the laptop says is we have a bad battery. To confirm, every time we pull the power plug, the laptop immediately shuts down. Check the system report overview and it too says to replace the battery (remember, this is a new battery). I call iFixit and speak to a nice gentlemen who asks me what OS version am I running? El Capitan. "oh, we have found the replacement battery's we offering do not work with the El Capitan OS. I'll have to take it to the Apple store in my area and have them replace it"

So I say" Really? It's an Apple battery, with the name Apple blacked out, and it doesn't work with El Capitan? Really? It's not a bad battery you sent me? Just doesn't work with El Capitan, he says. Really?

So I'm sending back the battery at iFixit's cost, not getting a replacement, out $75 for the repair and have to go to the Apple store. Something doesn't smell right here. Does it?

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First, battery replacement on this machine takes about 5-7 minutes if you just look at the guide: MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012 Battery Replacement

And you paid $75.00.

No this stinks real bad. Did you get the name of the iFixit person you talked to? I'll do some research on this issue and get back to you. @kaykay


A Google search showed nothing about this issues. First I've heard of it.

UPDATE 6/1/16

At this time your solution would be to downgrade the OS to 10.10.5 until Apple comes out with a fix for the issue.

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I paid $75 because a) I didn't have the right tools to crack the laptop, b) having never cracked a laptop before, the last thing I wanted to do was wreck havoc inside for doing something stupid and costing myself $2,100 for a new machine and c) that included his travel time plus doing a little "spring cleaning" on the car drive, etc. But your point is well taken. If I had the tools and seeing him remove the new battery to install the old again, I could have done it myself.

The name of the rep at iFixit is: "Buddy Eluchíl: Stapler Repair Extraordinaire" as he put in his email.


@kaykay - I don't know Buddy. Would you ask him to post to the question and explain what he is talking about as we need to be aware if there is an issue. Thanks


I had to get my Apple certified tech support call iFixIT and actually got Buddy Eluchíl on the line who stood by his response that El Capitan is not compatible with the battery. My tech said, regardless, send us a new one. They are sending a new battery to test out his theorem, which just doesn't make sense at all. Same battery that was in there, same model number, same everything except the APPLE was blacked out on the battery, which makes me suspicious that something is amiss?


@kaykay - I don't understand either. I sure wish Buddy would explain this issue to all of us!


I think he's got it wrong (Buddy Eluchíl that is). But will confirm when we get the battery and try it out.


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The information provided by Buddy is indeed factually correct, you may not be able to find anything because it is limited to (as far as we have been able to find) the MacBook Air 2011/2012.

For whatever reason, the batteries we test on Yosemite here, work just fine, but when customers are running El Capitan on those MacBook Airs, the battery won't charge, or the OS declares it to be a bad battery and that it needs to be replaced.

So we request the battery to be sent back to us, and we test it, it works 100% of the time, and of all the cases of this, not once have we tested the battery and found it to be defective. Our return rate on those batteries more than tripled after the release of El Capitan.

It's extremely frustrating for us as well, because we don't have the answer as to why this is happening. We did recently get a second MacBook Air to test this out on, to try and narrow down the issue by installing El Capitan on it.

On the store page for that battery we have the following warning:

Please note: This battery may experience issues under OS X El Capitan. We're not sure if all computers running El Capitan have this issue yet. If the battery you buy from us does not work, please contact us.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we are continuing to further research this issue.

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Any update on this issue? Any idea what's actually happening here?


New battery was sent by iFixit and new battery worked fine. All good on our side.


Hey, any news on this matter?

I am planning to order a new battery from the EU ifixit store and there is nothing posted about this on the product page. Would it be the same procedure as for the US guys if the battery is not working correctly?


I am hoping to clarify a couple of things before making the battery replacement on my 13” MacBookAir, mid 2012.

Is this problem limited to the 2011/2012 model as Mike suggested?

As things are today, will this work?

Running OS 10.11.5, would I need to downgrade?


Hey Mary, I am also wondering if there is any update on this..


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This is not just an issue with replacement batteries from iFixit for the 2011-12 MacBook Air 13 inch running El Capitan. I am having this exact problem with batteries from OEMs: SMP and Newer Tech. It will not charge with the OEM battery.

Took the machine to the Apple Genius Bar, and everything is perfect -- just the battery is shot. Seems like Apple need to re-write some code in El Capitan 10.11.7 to fix the issue.

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@mike Does replacement battery for Macbook Air 13" Mid 2012 works with Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3 and up?

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+1 to this, does this issue persist in newer OS?


+1 also. I'm keen to know if this is resolved in Mac OS High Sierra


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