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The iRobot Roomba 560, an automated vacuum cleaner, was released in 2009.

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keeps saying to clean brushes brushes cleaned and not picking up the

keeps saying to clean brushes brushes cleaned and it is not picking up the dirt brushes are not going around makes a click noise

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I know this is a very late response. I just found this page. I would bet one of your gears in your brush module is striped. It is also possible that the side plate has a crack. This will allow the gears to move to much and skip teeth.

The module is pretty east to pull out. You can buy a replacement for like 60, I think. You could also tear apart the module and see what gear is the issue and look on ebay for a replacement.

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I have disassembled the gear box. Gears are in good shape. There were lint rings around the shafts. I cleaned everything. I guess it is possible for the gears to move in or out on their shafts, but not enough to skip teeth.


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