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Smartphone made by the social enterprise with the same name. A first step to making fairer alternatives for phones. Released December 2013.

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Fairphone 1 screen broken can I repair?

My fairphone 1 fell on the floor. It's a little broken on the top of the screen but Still working for the moment !

Can i order e new screen ans fix il myself ?


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The part is available on the Fairphone Spare parts page if you are ordering from within the EU. The iFixit teardown is thorough enough if you feel comfortable repairing on your own. If you're not comfortable review Our Fairphone 1 repair price list and FAQ.

At the time of this post I did not see the display available in the iFixit EU parts store, but a page for the device exist.

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The Fairphone 1/FP1U Displayeinheit is not available since six month! It´s a pity! So I never will buy a fairphone again!

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