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iPhone 6 Plus - Replaced Screen: Will not boot? Need some assistance!

Hi, there -

Recently my iPhone 6 Plus' screen died. There had been no previous damage to it (still looks new). Not having AppleCare or insurance through my cell phone carrier, I brought it to an independent repair shop who disconnected the screen, attached a cracked screen which still worked and I was able to use the phone.

I ordered a replacement screen kit through a reputable vendor and followed the instructions disconnecting my screen and then connecting the new one. Maybe it's because the phone has been dead for days or maybe there's an issue elsewhere in the phone, but I can't get it to power on. No Apple, no flicker, vibration or anything. Any thoughts?

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Ultimately, I took my phone (with installed new, non-functioning screen) to an independent repair shop who said I installed the screen correctly but that it was defective. I had them install a genuine Apple screen, which apparently the one I ordered online was not, and voila - the phone works again.


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First try taking the screen off and connecting them again. Most of the time it's actually getting the %#*@ connectors to sit properly, don't forget to disconnect the battery. Reconnect the screen and connect the phone to power when you hit the power button. If that doesn't work check the ends of the connectors to see if the gold pins have any discoloration. If there is discoloration you may have shorted something. Your looking at the connectors on both the logic board and the screen assembly. Let me know if you need help.

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Tried this. All of the connectors snapped into place, and none had discoloring that I could see. I think I was careful enough that I didn't damage any of the cables either. How long does it typically the to get enough charge (connected to power) to bring the phone back on?


When you connect to power and the screen is installed properly you should see a charge indicator, after a couple minutes the apple logo will appear. I have a feeling your gonna need a new screen.


This one is brand new, just came in the mail today.


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