power sequence and error code?

I was given a Sony 3D display. I don't have or use a PlayStation.

I turned the monitor on but got nothing but a black screen. However, the front panel leds at the bottom of the screen seemed to indicate activity.

I've read another post with similar problem but either the details are missing, or the cases are different.


I have since discovered that the problem is common to the product and is frequently resolved by replacing an eeprom labeled 'U4' on the circuitboard.

Jim J.


What follows is a description of the boot sequence.

Sony 3D Display power sequence :

plug in

red led comes on;

press on button;

3" wide blue beam comes on for 7 or 8 seconds;

replaced by green led for 7 or 8 seconds;

replaced by blinking red led

blinks twice, waits moment, blinks twice, and so on until the piwer is turned off.

Is the last an error code?

Thank you,

Jim Julian

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