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How do I ground myself

I bought the pro tech tool kit but i dont know how to properly ground my self the strap has an alligator clip and i can pull it off to expose a prong that looks at if it will fit in the third prying on an outlet am i safe to put it in there if not how should i ground myself

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It's completely situational..

Don't plug it into the wall if you're working on electrical objects that hold capacitance, if you electrocute yourself, the power will pass from the object, through your hand, through the grounding band and out the outlet.. basically you'll have an ugly red glove.

If it's a very small device with minimal voltage and you just want to eliminate static, you could just put your strap on wrist and connect the clip to the device itself. Doing this balances the voltage between you and X

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Yes. the third prong on an outlet is grounded. There is no power going through that wire. Completely safe. I'm not sure that's what they intend for you to do though.

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so what is the recommneded way of grounding with the wrist strap


They say to clip the band to the nearest metal part of your desk. Difficult to find on some desks though.


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