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Transferring data from two SSDs externally connected

Hi everyone,

My Sony recently died on me one early morning. Computer was great but DC stopped getting juice and I didn't have time till the battery ran out to backup all my data. Previously I had no problem taking a HDD from a laptop, connect it to a computer via a cable to usb port and just take everything from it to my new laptop.

When I opened my vaio I was surprised to find two Toshiba SSD THNSNC128GMMJ connected to the mother board. I thought I had only one. Honestly I don't remember what the partitions were like. To the best of my memory I had only partition. Old vaio was running windows 7 btw.

So. Now I have two SSD. I connected each one to the new laptop (windows 10) and although the disk management see's the drive. It can't initialize it. "Device not ready."

I'm not very familiar with SSD so maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,

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Some additional info. The SSDs are 2.5 version. So older version. They have I think a regular SATA connector which I was able to connect directly to the laptop via an adapter. However, the power source cable that I had does not match the connector on my old SSD. I assume that SSD require power right? Could anyone recommend perhaps a correct adapter?


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They need power, is it the white 4 pin plug, or a L shaped sata power plug? They have adapters. It's the same voltage.

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