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I dropped my iPhone in water and my screen is turning white?

i dropped my iPhone in water. I wanted to turn it off immediately but it wouldn't allow me to and kept coming on. it has been more then a day now and luckily my screen does come on but its turning white. the icons are becoming hard to see and the bottom of my touch screen wont work? please help :/ I have a screen malfunction. ps I did restore it to factory and still no help

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I would not recommend rice as a solution.

Rice will not remove all of the water (it will just delay the possibility of cleaning the phone properly).

The minerals and electrolytes in the water remain behind after evaporation and WILL cause corrosion which BEGINS IMMEDIATELY and progressively gets worse over time. The sooner you can open the phone and clean out the water and corrosion, the less damage will be caused by corrosion.

At the very least, the phone should be disassembled and the logic board should be cleaned with 99% isopropyl alchohol. Putting the logic board in a professional quality ultrasonic cleaner will complete the removal of corrosion and is highly recommended.

I would recommend replacing the battery as well. I have seen batteries fail spectacularly after water exposure (sometimes weeks or months after). Bulging, heat, smoke, fire!

Even that is not a guarantee for full recovery of the phone. Many times the phone is not fully functional even with best efforts of water damage cleaning.

But don't use rice. If you know someone who did and their phone works, they just got lucky. It didn't fix the problem.

Quoted from the RiceIsForDinner Blog:

Water "damage" is a 3 part problem.

1) Water containing dissolved electrolytes (virtually ALL water and most other liquids) is a liquid conductor of electricity. Once inside the phone, it can wreak havoc on the sensitive electronics because liquids have no shape and can spread into any location, even microscopic crevasses by means of capillary action.

2) Corrosion caused by the water or other liquid containing electrolytes. Most commonly, this is galvanic corrosion and can exist anywhere there are 2 or more metals of varying properties and electricity, though electricity isn't always needed.

3) Board-level problems, ie short circuits and open circuits. An open circuit is when something was short circuited, but became so hot that it failed and the burned out component no longer conducts electricity and the flow of electrons ceases. A short circuit is when electricity is following a pathway that it wasn't designed to follow - the electrons (electricity is the flow of electrons) are taking a short cut to their destination. Both short and open circuits can be difficult to test and locate. In addition, depending on the severity and depth of the problem, they can be expensive to repair, and even exceed the value of the device - at which point, data recovery should be the only reason to proceed.

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I say no to rice! We need to stop perpetuating this myth.

If you really want to give the phone any chance of survival, it needs to be opened up as quickly as possible and have all corrosion and residual trace elements from the liquid removed from the motherboard. Putting it in a bag of rice only allows more time for corrosion to spread further.

Ideally the board needs to have all of it's shields removed and put through an ultrasonic cleaner. Or at very least the board needs to be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

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If I was you, I'd grab a cup of rice, a ziplock bag and your sync cable.

Sounds like the phone's slowly degrading over time.

If you cannot turn the phone off, I would plug it into your laptop and backup everything.

While doing this, I'd put the phone in a ziplock bag with rice inside of it and seal it.

The rice will absorb all the moisture within the consealed environment.

Also remember once you've made your backup, take out the cable and completely seal the bag for best results. ;d

Leave the phone inside of the bag for up to a week. If you're able to turn the phone off at any given time, it would be best.

Hopefully this will help. :<

(Note I see you've restored to factory and so on, just more-so generalising my post for other people to use that come across it. ;d )

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