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Part of the Lenovo G Series of everyday laptops released in November 2012.

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I have power but no "post"

for whatever reason this laptop was working one day and gradually died, the first sign it gave me was a blue screen that only said "windows has encountered an error and need to restart" and it gave me the option to "restart" or "advanced" so not thinking i restarted. 6 hours or so later the login kept freezing (cursor was still functional) so i restarted again. but now all it does when i try to turn it on is spin the fan and light up the camera and power led for about a minute. any ideas?

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I tried putting the drive in my main system and it booted strait into windows meaning the drive itself is fine, Unfortunately however when i put a different drive into the laptop (a samsung 850 evo 120gb) into the laptop i just got the same result. same story with the battery, its not that i can't boot into windows its that i can't even see the bios, all it does is light up some lights and spin a fan for about a minute.


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Hello iannorton24

Try this take off your hard drive put it on another computer to see if you see any error of blue screen that way you will know your hard drive is fine and try to save your data you can also try to put a new hard drive or borrow from a friend put it on your laptop and see if the computer will boot if that did not work take off the battery wait 60 seconds then put it bafck in and see if you see any change

Hope this solve your problem :D

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Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Can you do a quick test to confirm whether it is NO POWER or NO POST issue. Some times because of the insufficient power in the motherboard components it may occur. Kindly unplug all the external devices including your adaptor and batter . Then hold the power button for 40 sec then re plug all the connections and try to power on and see whether still you are on the same window?

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