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Fault with 18v charger or battery

One cell in battery found faulty and changed, but still will not charge and charger now appears to have fault on it. Not sure how to check, have tried testing at outlet terminals for voltage with multimeter and cannot find a voltage reading. Can you assist? I hate this throw away society regards

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I have this problem with an 18 V Li-ion battery pack on an AEG power drill, in fact out of two 2 A/h batteries and two of the 3 A/h, only one of the latter still charges.

I've been considering opening up such a pack and just checking the individual cells and replacing them if necessary.... Is that safe?


I don't know if my batteries are bad or the chargers. I have 2 p100 & 2 p105. Need help


I bought 2 brand new 18 volt ryobi chargers worked once never again. What is the problem


Same thing happened to me. I registered all the tools and chargers, sent a query through Ryobi and of course did not receive a response. Now I have a problem as I have 5 Ryobi tools (that work well if they have a charged battery and two non working battery chargers . I’m definitely not holding my breath on them to warranty replace the two broken ones. Kinds stuck having to buy yet another charger! I may go with the multi charging pack to see if that works longer, (although it costs twice as much and I may still end up in the same situation.)


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Lithium battery packs and their chargers are rather fickle.

Almost all multiple cell battery packs have built-in electronics that check the state of the battery and might inhibit charging if they sense something wrong. The reasons is that charging a damaged battery may result in Bad Things Happening, i.e. fire or explosions.

Back in the days of NiCd battery packs replacement of a single dead cell might have been acceptable as a stop gap measure, but those battery packs were simple compared to their modern LiIon cousins.

My considered opinion would be, replace the battery pack, scavenge the good cells from the old pack and keep them for non critical single cell applications e.g. powering LED flashlights.

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bought a new12v/18v charger but it will not charge my batterys up it just keeps flashing red why

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