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7.1 megapixel camera by Canon, model SD750.

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when I turn on the camera it say memory card locked

why does it say memory card locked ?

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Thanks so much for fixing a problem that foxed me. All now working perfectly again. Bless you!


Hello, I am having a similar issue with my Canon PowerShot SX620 HS but flicking the memory card switch doesn’t have an effect. I’ve also tried three different memory cards and the camera is showing the same error message so I feel it’s probably a problem with the camera itself. Has anybody got any possible solutions? Thank you!



I am having a similar issue as well with my Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS. Like the previous comment, I have tried clicking the tap on the memory card to locked, unlocked, etc. Nothing happened. I tried multiple memory cards as well, and the message still said "memory card error" and under that: "memory card locked"

My sister has the same camera and this has never happened to hers.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Yup: I just bought a new card and when I inserted it the camera said « card error »

After much fuffing about including going back to the shop where I bought it, I found out that what I thought was the card was actually just the card holder and the card was actually I tiny square of plastic which has to be inserted into the card holder. I don’t remember that ever being the case before????


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SD cards have a tiny little tab on the left side edge (as seen from the front of the card). When this tab is in the LOCK position, a sensor switch in the camera tells the camera that the card should not be written to, i.e. the card is locked.

  • Remove the SD card from the camera. Check the position of the locking tab and make sure it is not in the LOCK position. Reinsert the card, and try again.
  • If you are positively sure that the locking tab is not in the LOCK position, and the camera continues to tell you the card is locked, the camera's sensor switch might be stuck.
  • Sometimes, the locking tab pops out of its notch and goes missing. If you see the notch where the locking tab should be, but the locking tab itself is absent, you can tape over the notch with a tiny piece of thin adhesive tape. Be careful, if this is not done cleanly or the tape is too thick, the SD card might get stuck in the slot and you'll have difficulty getting it to eject.
  • Inserting and releasing the card a few times, thereby jogging the sensor switch, may clear the problem.
  • As a last resort, you can give the SD card slot a blast of compressed air from a can. Be careful because the "air" from the can might cool down the card slot to the point of causing condensation, so wait a while before turning the camera on again.
  • If the problem refuses to clear, have the camera looked at by someone knowledgeable.

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This was driving me nuts...after reding your solution I took the card and battery out of my canon ixus and blew hard into the space...Hey Presto! everything works. Thanks dude


Wow just worked thanks mahn✌


it does not work man


Tried what you suggested,worked perfectly,thank you so much.


Thank you, it was driving me nuts as well. Had no idea about the SD being tabbed.


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There is a switch on the top left of the memory card. Switch it up.

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For me, I think it was my memory card that had a problem. I tried flipping the switch several time and it still didn’t work, then when I tried a different memory card it worked

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My experience with the same problem: Card A for Camera A was unlocked (tab in the upper position) and it would still not work after my blowing some dry air into the slot. Tried Card B in Camera A and it worked, so I thought Card A was the problem. Tried Card A in Camera B and it worked. Weird.

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