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The 8.9" version of Amazon's new high-end tablet series, released in November, 2013.

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Will not turn on - battery or charging circuit?

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" - battery indicator showed power was low, waited too long to plug in the charger, now it will not power up. Tried different chargers, overnight charging, and cables, even a PC overnight. Tried holding power button to reset as well as power and volume up. USB / charging port seems snug.

My questions:

  1. If the battery was dead, would it turn on with the charger attached?
  2. Is there any type of circuit between the USB port and the battery that would require power from the battery in order to operate (to charge the battery)?
  3. Can I get access to the battery connections to manually put a small charge on the battery? (yes, I am willing to kludge together two 'C' cells and hook it to the internal battery to jump start the charging circuit if it exists.)
  4. Are the batteries the same for the HD and HDX?
  5. What did I not ask?

Thank you for the teardown information!

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I cannot find a replacement battery for this anywhere. Every replacement I see shows a battery consisting of two unaligned squares. The battery shown in this teardown is like my own - two side by side aligned squares. I am looking for model GU045RW battery parts 26S1004-A, 58-000065, 26S1004. You mention that the battery is like the HD. Is there an HD battery that is plug compatible?


I do not believe the same battery is used in the HD and the HDX. Sorry, I am on a different browser at the moment, but I think the HD battery was rated at 4500 (or so) and the HDX is rated at 6000.

Which model is the GU045RW ? and how can I tell?

An email to one of the frequently referenced replacement battery sites resulted in a response that the battery was not in stock. It would be nice to know if it had ever been in stock... I have also seen repair sites that have HDX 8.9 battery replacement. I wonder if they actually have the parts.

My current plan is to get the Kindle on Sunday (it is our daughters), and attempt the dis-assembly. I'm looking for several things when I get it apart:

1) are there any identifying marks / numbers on the battery?

2) can I disconnect the battery, connect the charger, and power up the device?

In the mean time, my daughter purchased a refurb Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

I plan to post an update here once I have anything new to add.


The model number is written on the bottom edge (very faintly).


Thanks for the tip on the model number. Whatever was there was worn off.

I opened the HDX, but left the ribbon cables attached between the back and the screen.

With the battery cable disconnected and the charger attached, the device will not power up.

After checking some voltages I can say my problem is not the battery or the charging circuit. I disconnected the battery cable and was able to get 3v or so between the red and black wires coming from the battery. With the battery cable re-attached, I see voltages across some of the other wires. With the battery connected and the charger attached, I see about 3.4v between red and black. It drops to 3.3v when I disconnect the charger.

This may help someone:

Bar code on left battery - DSATL134538869CA

Right battery:

3.8v 6000mAh / 22.8 Wh

DSY P/N: 26S1004-A(1ICP3/98/82-2)

Type P/N: 58-000065

Model No.: 26S1004

Manufacture: DESAY

Sorry, but I need to 'unaccept' the answer. I do appreciate the help though...


Did you manage to fix this issue?

I have just replaced the battery on a Kindle Fire HD (it didn't have a metal backplate and torx screws to hold it in as in many YouTube videos. Instead it just had adhesive on the battery.

I checked the battery initially after replacing it and it had 0.2v across the red and the black lead. After charging overnight the battery is now holding 3.04v. However the unit still doesn't appear to turn on. It also won't turn on if I connect it to a PC or try to turn it on when plugged in. I have tried shorting out the pins that the power button would normally short out just in case I wasn't getting a good connection between the case and the PCB but that didn't turn it on either. I have tried holding the power button for up to a minute.

Any ideas? I use to be an electronics technician so feel free to get technical.


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Hi Nelson

Answers to your questions:

1 yes it should turn on when plugged in

2 there is a circuit between the plug and battery, but it doesn't need the battery to be charged to work.

3 you can get to the internal battery, but it will be more than a kludge

4 I'm not sure, probably not.

What might have happened is that your battery has failed. It won't take a charge but is also 'shorting' the circuit meaning that the rest of the device isn't getting any power. Maybe a battery replacement will fix it, but it's hard to know.

Good luck


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I just replaced my battery for my hdx 8.9 3rd gen and still won't turn on.

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I just replaced my batter in an HDX 8.9 3rd gen and have the same problem. did you ever get this fixed?


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Hi, my fire 8 wouldn’t charge and the screen seemed ‘stuck’ swiping didn’t work. I couldn’t even turn the dang thing off! I went online to the Amazon site and was going to contact them and they said to first try turning it off then back on. Here comes the ‘kicker’, they said to hold the power button down for 40 seconds, the screen would go black and then wait a second to turn it back on. IT WORKED!!! OMG! I guess I waited too long to do software updates. I normally just close the cover instead of powering it off. Maybe it will work for you?

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sadly it did not


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