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First generation of the Suzuki SV650

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2001 SV 650 S 36.000Km - water in the oil/ creamy substance

Hi guys,

I need your help! What things could be at fault when there is a creamy substance (probably water-oil suspension) under the lid where you fill in the oil, as well as small droplets of clear water found under it? I am suspecting a seal near the waterpump and hoping very much it won't be the head gasket!

Are there any known conditions to cause these symptoms?

Cheers and thanks in advance,


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This is usually caused by improper crank ventilation . Check the small vacuum line that runs into the breather box and follow it back to the engine . There should be a pcv valve there it may be plugged and need to be replaced.If the breather filter is plugged this can also cause poor crank ventilation . Its not likely the head gasket as it would be a more noticeable problem , it would cause the oil to turn to what would look like chocolate milk, you would also notice a performance drop as well as overheating of the engine.

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Great tip! Will check that possibility today and let youse know what caused it in the end! Thank you! Any other recommendations welcome!


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I had this problem aswell, it was after I bought a bike that had been stood for a while. Had me worried. I was told it would disappear after a few runs. Which it did.

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