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The HP Flyer Red is a laptop created by Hewlett Packard which was released around December 2014.

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My laptop just froze I do I fix this?

The screen is froze, i can't type, or used it.

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I have this problem too and a hard shut down and reboot doesn't fix the problem for me, I have control of the screen for less than 5 minutes after reboot and it freezes again. I want to take it back to factory settings but there is nothing in system tools to let me.


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One simple way to fix a frozen laptop is what is called a forced shut-down and then a reboot.

What this means in layman's terms is that you must hold the power button (located between the screen and the keyboard on the left hand side of the keyboard) until the computer completely shuts down. This is indicated by the power light in the power button going out. Once this is done the reboot is just as simple as pressing the power button once to start up the computer as you normally would.

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PC freeze can caused by many problems:

On the basis of that fact, as for what causes a computer to freeze or hang, they are mainly:

1. Full Disk usage on Windows 10.

2. Memory issues.

3. Corrupted files.

4. Outdated or incompatible drivers.

5. Recently installed third-party software.

6. Problematic Power settings.

7. Overheating.

8. System error.

There is full computer freeze solutions here, and it can solved all the freeze conditions:

This can help you fix it with:

Fix Disk Drive Problems Causing your PC to Freeze or Slow

Fix Memory issues leading to PC freezing

Fix Problematic Software leading to freezing PC

Fix Problematic Power settings giving rise to PC freeze

Fix Overheating Triggering PC Freezing on Windows 10

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