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Repair guides and support for Sanyo digital cameras.

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Card Error---- only works with internal memory.

I have a Sanyo VPC-E2100. When I attempt to use an SD card, the viewer screen is blurred and says "card error". This is a new SD card and works fine in other devices.

The camera works fine however, without the card and will take pics and store to internal memory. Help!

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Hi Angela,

Have you tried formatting your SD card? Keep in mind that formatting a card will erase all data, so make sure to transfer your images (if any) to your computer first.


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First off look at the card. I have this camera and it is a really good camera. You can use a class 10 sd card in it. I use a class 10 sd mini with an adapter. What you want to look for is a small "10" on them. You can also use a lexus 8Gb down to a 2MB. The max is a 32Gb I use one that comes from sandisk, just make sure it is class 10.

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I have a sanyo vpc-T1060 camera. I bought a new san disk, 1 gb and when i put it in the camera i get a messageprotected card. What does that mean and how do i fix it. I put the old s card in and that works find. hope you can help bill

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