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recover photos after formatting

unfortunately, i had to format my pc my valuable photos had deleted.....can i get the back?

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Did you ever post them online like facebook or photobucket.


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Using file recovery software like Photorec, you may get some of your files back but most likely not all of them. Photorec can recover files that have been accidentally deleted - whether by pressing the delete key or by reformatting, but only if the files have not been overwritten. If you re-installed your operating system after reformatting, the disk has been written to so it's likely that some of the files have been overwritten.

Whenever your system goes up the creek to the point that a reformat and reinstall is the sole remedy, the best way to recover your data is

  • to take the hard disk out of the computer and copy the entire disk onto another disk, or
  • to load a linux system (e.g. Ubuntu) from a CD or an USB thumbdrive and use it to copy your data to an external drive

before you reformat and reinstall.

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Yes. There is some great free software out there called photorec. I use it often in Linux, it's a command line utility. Works great to recover all types of files not just photos. The only problem with the software is that it does not keep your file hierarchy or file names when recovering files which makes it hard to find certain files. Other than file management it works great. I do this for a job too so if u have any more question then ask. My website is

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Don't worry. I have same experience with you. So I suggest you to use a photo recovery software to recover your photos. Gihosoft Free Photo Recovery is strongly advised to you. It can help you recover lost photos from PC for free.

More details:

Video guide:

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Try Recuva app (it's free) and this recovery guide to check your sd card. Developers from Piriform point out at its "Recovery from damaged or formatted disks" feature. Your chances are 50/50!

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