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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Keyboard not working - at all

Whilst I was away my MacBook died. I am told it made a loud buzzing noise and then completely died and wouldn't turn back on.

Having looked through this site, I decided to open it up and re-seat the RAM, clean all the dust out etc, just very simple stuff, and certainly haven't got further into the guts than that (I did try, but the hard drive and fan screws were stuck tight, and I didn't want to damage the heads trying to undo them).

I have managed to get the MacBook fired up, and everything seems to work with the exception of the keyboard. Have been able to use it via an apple wireless keyboard, but every now and then I get a persistent beeping noise, as if a key is being pressed down. I can clear this by pressing a key gently, normally around the 3,4,E,R and T keys. Occasionally if on say a text entry page I get a stream of 3's and E's but no other keys seem to work! All the backlighting to the keys works and the keyboard connector on the logic board seems to be in place securely.

So really just wondering if anyone has any thoughts. I know it sounds like water damage, but I have been promised beyond belief that no water was spilt on it when it died. I am going to take it to apple in a couple of weeks when I am next in town. Until then, have been wondering if it will do any harm to disconnect the keyboard connector to save the random key presses, which seem to cause system slow downs until i find the right key to cancel it.

Hope I make sense and thanks in advance

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No worries disconnecting

but how will you turn on the unit? (The power button is also connected to the same buss).

the keyboard and trackpad - you can use USB/Bluetooth keyboard & mouse.

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The new MacBooks contain "liquid submersion indicators" or LSI, small patches affixed internally around the keyboard bay that change from white to red when subjected to moisture. These are in place "to help discover accidental damage to the computer," according to sources familiar with Apple's phrasing, but are clearly in place to prevent users from demanding that Apple fix damages caused by liquid spills. Here's a link that will show you the location of some of them.

Here's some more:

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Don't disconnect the keyboard if your planning to use it, like machead3 said they share the same buss.

Q. are some keys sticky? If they are then there's some form of liquid spilled that penetrated keyboard and is causing it to malfunction.

Q. how the backlight, are some keys more dim then others? If so that's a sign of a spill.

A keyboard is not that hard to replace. It take time and some few hours if you never done a teardown, but if you follow the teardown you'll just do fine. After the teardown there's a few more steps to add, I'll find link paste it on the bottom***.

You could find the replacement keyboard on eBay or even here on ifixit for around $45.

By the way apple doesn't cover liquid spills under the apple care. They are known to tell you, you'll need a new logic board which runs for 600 to 800. But to me it sounds like you don't need a logic board replacement.

By the way you could buy right tools at HomeDepot for under $15 dollars. You'll Phillip screwdriver #00 and Torx screwdriver #6, look for the Huskey brand, they have sets of 8 for $6 buck. Check the links for tools.

Hope this helps and good luck with that.

Phillips screwdriver link:

Torx screwdriver link:

***Look for: Extra extra read about it!!! These are the additional steps for the keyboard replacement.

Can I make my 2.0 keyboard backlit like a 2.4?

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Thanks for the replies, it's been working fine with a wireless keyboard the last few days, so really hoping it is just the keyboard. Going to take it to apple in manhattan this week - any suggestions as to which store has the best geniuses - thinking of the upper west side store to avoid the busy 5th ave one.

In answer to questions, well no keys seem sticky and all are lit uniformly. It just seems something on the keyboard is fried. Also although having not torn it down, I can't see any red lsi's

Really hoping apple will change it, as although it's outside warranty by a few months a $1000+ laptop shouldn't die like that. Indeed I'm actually from the uk (just come to the states with work a few times a month) and consumer law says a product sold has to be fit for purpose and that supersedes manufacturer warranties.

So if apple say no or want to charge me then guess I will go to home depot and get the tools then order the keyboard from here.

Will update in a week or so once I have seen apple

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