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Stylish Android tablet manufactured by Acer. Released February 2014.

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Will not charge or turn on

My son spilled orange juice on tablet in his school bag, let it dry out for about 2 weeks in rice and when plugged in power light doesn't light and will not turn on

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First step is to make sure you shut the device off and remove it from charging cables - remove all electrical current from the device as it is causing more damage to the device to keep it plugged in or press the power switch

Orange juice is full of all sorts of fluid additives called electrolytes. Electrolytes are important for us because they conduct electricity for our bodies, unfortunately when an electrolytic drink spills into a computer board, even if you dry it the only thing to evaporate is the water, salts, sugars, ascorbic acid all stay behind and coat the motherboard components causing electricity to just go wherever it wants instead of the proper circuits to cause the item to run properly. You probably have a shorted circuit on the charging dock itself.

Feel free to visit my website and contact me if you're interested in possibly having this device repaired. I specialize in component level repair and hardware troubleshooting and have over 98% success with removal of fluids from boards and repairs being successful.

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