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iPhone not detected and not chargin even after changing connector part


my iphone 5 was not detected and not charging anymore, I have changed the battery and it was perfectly working then, but still not charging.

Then i have decided to charge the whole block of audio jack and charging connector, i put all together again but still not detecting and not charging !



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have you tried a different usb cable , my iphone is very picky over charging cables , one of my cables will charge at the wall but cant use it in pc.

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There are a few things that could be wrong, you broke a prong in the lightning connector or there is just something wrong with it and it needs to be replaced. It could also be the cable, test it out with and apple cable, not some knockoff. I myself had the same problem and the problem that i had was breaking one of the prongs in the lightning connector, if thats the case for you just buy one from the ifixit store.

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