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A Bluetooth speaker for mobile devices and tablets that can make phone calls for the paired device . Released in Fall 2014.

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buy Mini usb connecor

Hi, I would like to know were can I buy the mini usb connector, my connector has broken and I can´t find it on internet. Thanks

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Hi, thanks! I think it´s a 5 pin usb, the problem is that the usb has a special platform that gives some cm high. I cant find something like that on internet :(


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Hi clash of clans if you can do the research and I mean you have to go down to termination style ,ports, how many contacts it has because I have no idea what your mini usb connector looks like. By the way here is the site. now your going to have to hit show more for the mini connector. But I can tell you that your connector is a 4 pin usb type A But that is all I got for you though my recommendation to find out all the technical things the website is asking for is to call the jbl tech support people they should know.

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Once you've determined what cable you need by using meepfish1 info you can go to amazon or ebay to get any cable you need . Other good sources for cables are Newegg or Monoprice.

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