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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge smart phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ board diagram

I have a liquid damaged Galaxy S6 edge+ that appear to have some components corroded off, but I was trying to find a diagram or schematic of the system board to verify if something is missing and what is missing. Does anyone know of a website that has cell phone motherboard layouts or schematics? Thank you in advance for your help.

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@twisted720 in absence of a schematic post some images of your boards and on those point out the missing components. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question


Ok Thank you for your reply, I have already reassembled the board because the level of corrosion was beyond what I could get back up, But I will do that for the next time


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chipworks has the s6, which has many of the same components as s6 edge, you fill out a forum and they email the download link to you

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hi my email,


@spezzano1 what is it that you need? The user b friendly has not been on here for the last 3 years, so you may not get the respond you expect.


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