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Part of the Lenovo G Series of everyday laptops released in November 2012.

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My machine won't regulate processor thermal heat

Hi i'm Leslie,

Ive got a lenovo g580, i3 with 8GB RAM running on Windows 10 (v1511) ,

my main problem is the Processor Thermal.

I tested my machine with the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool 64bit latest version, managed to pass everything else but failed with the following error :


Entering run forever

1 degrees C below maximum

Test Result - FAIL

Expected Greater than 1 degrees below max

Received 1 degrees below max


Please check your Processor Thermal Solution


Kindly help us with a solution for the problem because its been making my machine shut down unsuspectedly without notifying. This has caused instability when i'm working throughout the day.

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Is the CPU fan running? Are the vents clear and unobstructed? Use Task Manager to see what % the CPU is running at. If high % and you are not doing much on the laptop, check what applications or processes are using the CPU the most and why

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