The second generation of the iPad with Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA models. Some models were refreshed before the iPad 3. Repair is difficult and requires heat and prying.

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Soldering Pad on A1395 Logic Board

Lost a couple solder pads while repairing PFC connector. I can see the copper trace where one of them goes, the other one doesn't look like it goes anywhere. Do all of the connectors have a connection? I think I could use a small piece of wire to repair the one, but not sure how to find out if the other one is actually used, and if so, where it goes. I attached a couple pictures. Thank's in advance.

Block Image

Block Image

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The second photo is VERY blurry.

The first not so much.

I have a iPad 2 at home so i'll photograph that also for you.

I'll try locate the schematic diagram for you once i'm home from work (8 hours away).

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Awesome, thank you, that would be such a help.

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