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Wireless music streaming device that connects to external speakers; released in 2012. The Connect has an Ethernet port, 2 sets of RCA jacks, a power port, and is Wi-Fi capable.

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Does this device have an internal speaker?

Device information regarding the internals. Does this device have an internal speaker

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The Sonos Connect unit can do many things when paired with other devices from the Sonos line of electronics like the Bridge or Boost and speakers. The Connect device itself however does not have a speaker internal to the unit, it must be used with an amp and external speakers in order to get the desired music listening pleasure.

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No it doesn't, the reason is because this device is intend to connect to tradicional audio equipment serving as an interface to the streaming technology used by many cellphones, tablets an so on.

The SONOS connect has RCA connectors for stereo analog audio (input and output), and a optical digital audio output, the outputs can feed a traditional audio amplifier and the analog RCA audio input is intended to feed a bypass audio signal thru it. It has two ethernet 1Gb ports and a WiFi connection that can be configured to receive a wireless streaming inside a wireless network coverage.

On the front of the device we can find the basic volume -/+ and mute buttons, those pretend to serve as a manual direct control even if you are using a streaming device to control it, this is a very convenient feature because you can program a playlist on your computer an use the volume control directly on the SONOS device.

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