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This is a homepage for the iDevices iGrill 1st Generation. Here, you will find links to the troubleshooting page, as well as images of the device.

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How can I pair my iGrill via Bluetooth?

I'm having trouble connecting my mobile phone to my iGrill, could anyone explain how to do this?

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Turn on iGrill and make sure that blue Bluetooth light is blinking, otherwise refer to troubleshooting page. Turn Bluetooth on on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Make sure you have the iDevices app or download it. Go to the iDevices app, tap on the 'search' button, the app should be able to find your iGrill. Tap on the 'connect/pair' button. Your iGrill is now connected, and you are ready to start monitoring with your remote device. See this link for more info:

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Actually it isn't the iDevices app you need. It is the iGrill app from Weber that connects. This may have changed since the original question and answer.


Support for the original iGrill has apparently been dropped by Weber in recent versions of their (horribly updated) app. Call them and complain. One user reported they sent him a newer device to replace his "obsolete" one.


I wish I would have seen this an hour ago,,, I've been jacking with the iDevices trying to get it to pair. Finally just downloaded the iGrill Webber and it synced in 1 second.


I recommend (for the original iGrill) that you remove the batteries after each time you use it and insert them when it's time to sync and cook again. When the software supported that model, it connected much more reliably.


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