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Battery operated RC truck designed for rock crawling and off-road terrain. Made by Maisto Tech.

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Why is it that all my tires do not turn together?

My back tires do not move, but my front tires still turn and move.

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Yeah happend to me too but with a clone called "NQD rock crawler"


Probably one of the plastic gears, the one I got my nephew stopped turning left or right after two times used, it was a tiny gear that goes on a small motor in the front end..the gear broke in half...these things are made of the cheapest junk they can get and they do not sell replacement parts. They should sell these cars at 5 for $10.00 so you can at least get a weeks worth of use from them lol


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Check to see if the wheels in the back have been damaged. In the mayhem of rock climbing, wheels can get broken and therefore become unresponsive. If this is the case, check out the Wheel Replacement Guide.

If the wheels are fine, it could be a few other electronics issues. First, try replacing the batteries. There is only one motor in the back so the two in the front could be taking the last remaining power. If that doesn't work, there could be a problem with the rear axle. If so, check out the Axle Replacement Guide. If that still doesn't solve your problem, there is probably a wiring issue. In such a case, try replacing the circuit board. Check out the Circuit Board Replacement Guide for help.

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