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Battery operated RC truck designed for rock crawling and off-road terrain. Made by Maisto Tech.

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Why is my truck no longer responding?

I drove my truck through a puddle and now it is not responding.

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You can try putting it in front of a fan and let fresh air blow thru it to dry. It out but more than likely it has shorted out the board

The motors can survive the water but the power board generally dies when it gets wet.

Sell it for parts on ebay i suggest

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Driving through the puddle probably splashed some water up into the truck causing water damage to the motors or electronics. Depending on how deep the puddle was will determine which area was affected.

If it was a shallow puddle, the damage is most likely in the motors on each axle, not the circuit board or batteries. The motors are probably no good anymore and if this is the case, try replacing one axle at a time because the damage could be isolated to one. Check out our Axle Replacement Guide for help.

If it is a deep puddle, the damage is almost certainly in the axles but it could also be in the circuit board. If it is still not working after troubleshooting the front and rear axles, there are two more possibilities. First, try replacing the batteries and drying out the compartment they are in. Second, there may be damage to the circuit board. If so, follow the Circuit Board Replacement Guide.

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You dont know a lot about dc motors i am guessing. U can drop one in a glass of water while full voltage is applied and after 15 minutes they will actually work better just dry em out and wd 40 to prevent rust on magnets

Try it out i have done hundreds that way Even hobby grade motors. Have a fluid u can buy to break them in. Its just water mostly


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