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earphone socket is inoperative

when i plug any earphone jack into my ipod nano touch socket it does not click into place and therefor i cannot recieve any sound from it.

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Hi stevew711 ,

Judging from your description of the problem, there are two likely possibilities:

  1. You may have a piece of debris lodged inside of the headphone jack. Dust, pocket lint, and other unwanted materials seem to have an affinity for headphone jacks and charging ports. If the stereo connector for your headphones doesn't go all the way down into the headphone jack, debris is the likely culprit. It would be worthwhile to use a small LED flashlight to look for any foreign material.
  2. If the stereo connector goes all the way down into your headphone jack but feels loose, you may have a bent or broken contact on the inside of your headphone jack. Unfortunately, the headphone jack is soldered to the logic board, making a replacement difficult. It might be possible that the headphone jack itself is loose and has been pushed down into the device far enough to prevent your headphones from connecting. If this is the case, you should be able to see a gap upon closer inspection. You can use the Logic Board Assembly Replacement guide to gain access to the interior of your device.

Hopefully, this helps.

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I really thought my 7th gen nano headphone jack was a goner. I searched online and found a webpage that offered solutions to find out what the problem is and possibly fix it. What sort of worked for me is the pull off one of the cotton ends of a cotton bud, dip it in a small amount of rubbing alcohol and try to clean any debris out of the headphone jack port. It took a few tries, but now I can get sound out of both sides of the headphones and also via the aux output in my truck. I think it still needs some work as its a little sketchy, but thank God something works!

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Hey @gisellej i have the same problem too. I don’t know what to do now.


I had the same problem a few minute ago. Tried everything, nothing worked. I used a paperclip and with some force I cleaned the entire jack. Two huge pieces of dust came out and now it works


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