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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Upgrading logic board with mid 2010 model

I'd like to upgrade my mid 2009 logic board with the latest 2.4ghz 2010 part. I'm curious if anyone else has tried this. It looks like the screw holes and ports match up, so it should be possible. Any thoughts?

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Wait for Bens answer on this.


Hey dude's!

I'm looking at doing something similar and from all of the information here, the rest of the internet I don't think it's possible.. Although my 13" Macbook Pro has a crack screen the lads in the Apple Store told me it would cost around £400 with the display (not the LCD! Just the glass)and there being fine a chance that the upper and lower casing may have to be replaced.

After talking with them after that bombshell for a bit of glass I had a look at prices of second hand for sales and it turns out that I'm better off selling this one in the condition its in and get about £400-500 for it! So I'm going to do a bit of saving and selling and hopefully get a Thunderbolt Macbook Pro!

It may be the same case for you might just be better off doing the same as me and getting one of the new monsters!


darn im looking to find a replacement motherboard, for the mid 2010 13" unibody model and was hoping i could also draw on motherboard parts from the 13" unibody 2009 model as these seem to be slightly cheaper and more available, apple list price on replacing a mid 2010 2.4ghz unibody motherboard £399.99 which seems a little too close to its actual value second hand wise to justify, especially as they may the top case and magsafe etc need replacing.

If anyone works out definitavely whether these parts are interchangeable that would be good. If the batterys are different between the two, then will it boot if the battery is not plugged in and operating of the power cable only ? I think the magsafe boards in these machines are to small to truly contain all the charging circuitry as such I think some of the charging stuff must be contained on the MB therefore if the batterys are different then probably the MB may not be interchangeable ?

This 2010 unibody 13" laptop would not have died if the battery was removable, as a small amount of coffee went into the keyboard and hey presto to remove the battery requires 8 philips to be removed and two tri wing security screws to get the battery out ? (tip : unless you flip the connector of and leave it in ) whichever way the screws mean the water and power are guaranteed both to be present in this liquid spill scenario much longer than most other laptop designs, as such the likeliness of frying your MB is much higher than with other laptops.>:(bad design imo). If you have a sealed in battery your insurance is to get a condom silicon keyboard protector type cover for your keybaord.


Any update to this thread? I too have the 13-inch mid-2009 Macbook Pro with 2.26 GHz CPU. Would like to upgrade it to the 2.53 Core 2 Duo.


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Sorry for the delay!

All the ports and screw holes are identical. HOWEVER, attempting to boot resulted in a kernel panic every time.

I don't know why this causes kernel's very bothersome. Perhaps a fix I don't know about could prevent this.


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anything new? Anyone successful yet?!

@ Ben Eisenman

Do you use you old or the newer battery pack? I read that only the fitting new one works which actually makes sens

second: I read about a design change concerning the isight cam i guess. it now has it's own cable connection and no longer shares it with the light sensor or something. Sounds strage but I do remember something like that....

Thats all I can do for U at moment and I really do hope that you'll be successful so that I can try it on my own !

Good luck guys...


Even if you were to install the latest version of Snow Leopard, you would still get a kernel panic?


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We really need an answer from Ben Eisenman on this one. I put this in the answers instead of comments to bump it up.

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Agreed ;) +


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I was looking at the guides and they are using the exact same photos for both models (2009/2010) so it seems like there are no differences between the two models regarding logic board dimensions etc. If someone has tried this please enlighten us.


That's really crazy considering the whole logic board is replaced. The only difference is the "chassis"...

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short answer try to use the latest copy of snow leopard. As in a copy from a computer newer than the logic board installed.

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You do NOT have to replace the ENTIRE top case. Although it is STRONGLY advised (as it is a HUGE pain in your !*& to replace), you can still replace the keyboard yourself.


- Very VERY carefully... remove the:

- Battery (to avoid unwanted electrical discharges)

- Remove the HDD

- Remove the Fan

- Remove the SuperDrive/Optical Drive/CD ROM Drive (Whatever you personally refer it to as)

- Remove the Logic Board and MagSafe Charging Board

Your computer should look COMPLETELY empty inside.

You should see a black sheet and slowly VERY CAREFULLY peal that away and so forth.

!!!!YouTube it!!!!!

You should now see a metal grid-like thing with a whole bunch of screw-holes. Remove all of the screws.


Replace the keyboard as desired, starting with the metal sheet from the keyboard. Replace the old metal sheet and work your way in reverse. :P


Estimated Time to Replace Keyboard:

1 hour and 30 minutes (on a non-busy day)

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Good answer - but to the wrong question. Should this go somewhere else?


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