iPhone or iPad iCloud Lock

Can you able to replace HD on iPhone or iPad to bypass iCloud lock?

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Nope! Just not possible.

Once bricked it's bricked for life unless you can prove to Apple you own the iPhone/iPad device as only they can unlock your iCloud account.

Don't waste your money or time on the snake oil salesmen that state they can unlock your device with the latest version of iOS they can't.

Even the FBI can't get into your phone! Here's the latest on their efforts: Motion asks judge to compel Apple's assistance in unlocking phone. Here the phones keypad lock is preventing them access.

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as @danj stated my bro there is no work around that unless you are the real owner to the device

but the there is some luck with only IPhone 4 and I can testify to that because I have been successful to remove the lock from it but even on that it can only be used as an iPod (not service) if you are network locked...

don't waste your resource on any ICloud Locked IDevice unless u needed it for pats other than the logic board... who knows my be in the future there will be light to that. (highly unlikely)....

''Stay Away From ICloud Locked Devices ''

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no video

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